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Fireworks, Our Furry Friends, and Food: Happy 4th of July!

While dazzling, whizzing, and whirling fireworks are beautiful for us to behold, the day that inspires brilliant displays of fireworks is often a difficult one for animals and humans. For many animals, the loud explosions of fireworks are terrifying–many become greatly distressed, take flight from the noise and end up lost or in our shelters. For this reason, please take care to keep your furry companions indoors and calm this weekend. For additional tips, there are a number of news articles on the subject online, such as Lisa Acho Remorenko’s July 1, 2011 article Beware the Fireworks: Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe on July 4th, published in the Santa Barbara Independent.

For humans, the 4th of July often means barbecues and gathering with our friends. That, of course, is always cause for celebration, but for vegans, such gatherings often leave much to be desired in terms of food offerings from their non-vegan friends. VegNews has recipes to save the day, however!

Its article, Vegan 4th of July! has many delicious, vegan spins on traditional 4th of July meals. Take, for instance, recipes for Savory Barbecue Sauce, Black Bean Burgers, Too Good Twice-Baked Potatoes, or BBQ Baked Beans. And don’t forget dessert–there’s always room for dessert! Especially with offerings like Strawberry ShortcakeFresh Strawberry Pie, Best Two-Bite Brownies, or Fluffy Lemon Coconut Pie. YUM! Use the occasion to satisfy your hunger AND educate others about how delicious vegan food can be. Enjoy!

[Posted 07.01.2011]


Welcome to Vegans in Your Corner!

People become interested in animal law for a number of different reasons. When they study the field as a whole, however, they often see a pattern in the law. Current laws that affect all types of animals—companion animals, farmed animals, animals in entertainment, research animals, and wildlife–fail to acknowledge, let alone address, the types and severity of suffering human animals inflict on nonhuman animals. This awareness leads to questioning about the role of law, the limits of legal reform, and how to make individual choices in the wake of all this information. It also leads to new understanding of violence and the role of law in supporting it.

At its core, animal protection is about non-violence. So how does one live a life of non-violence in a society that has not yet legally or culturally defined violence to include tremendous suffering inflicted on nonhuman animals for the benefit of human animals? Our new feature can assist interested readers in locating resources that help identify ways to make non-violence to animals a part of our daily lives. Vegans consciously identify and eliminate the habits of daily life that are founded on violence, including the consumption of animal-based foods. In our new feature Vegans in Your Corner we will identify some news articles, websites, and recipes that can be of assistance to busy people seeking change.

For our first post, we thought we’d share a recent article by Rene Lynch about vegan chef Tal Ronnen, which appeared in The Los Angeles Times. The article, titled Tal Ronnen Says Make It Vegan But Make It Delicious, describes Ronnen’s successes as a vegan chef and includes links to tasty-looking dishes, such as carrot cake, white lotus dumplings, and vegan “clam” chowder.

Among these successes is Ronnen’s being retained to revamp the food offerings at the Wynn hotels in Las Vegas to include vegan options (no small feat, if you’ve been to Las Vegas!). On the whole, the article is an enjoyable read, although the promotion of part-time veganism as a way to “lean into” veganism undermines the force of the message that delicious vegan food options are readily available.

[Posted 06.23.2011]


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