Our Program

Based at the UCLA School of Law, the UCLA Animal Law Program is dedicated to providing engaging, thought-provoking opportunities for people to learn about and to discuss ways in which animals can receive greater respect and legal protection. To serve this mission, the UCLA Animal Law Program aims to host lectures, conferences, continuing legal educational opportunities for the practicing bar, workshops and other events intended to bring members of the UCLA community together with others interested in subjects relevant to the legal protection of animals. Please note that the UCLA Animal Law Program cannot provide legal advice. If you require legal assistance, please contact a licensed member of the State Bar of California.

Our People

Bob BarkerBob Barker

Many of our Animal Law Program events are funded by a generous endowment gift Mr. Bob Barker gave to UCLA Law School. His gift has funded law student participation in animal law moot court competitions at Harvard Law School and the University of Chicago Law School. His gift has also funded panels organized by the UCLA Animal Law Society. The book Animal Law and the Courts: A Reader could not have been produced without his generous support. Beyond providing substantial financial support, Mr. Barker has been a true friend to all of us at UCLA who are seeking to reduce the suffering of animals and to create a more animal-respecting society. His consistent optimism and encouragement are priceless.

Taimie L. BryantProfessor Taimie L. Bryant

Professor Bryant has taught animal law at UCLA Law since 1995. In 1998, she was the lead drafter of California legislation to shift animal sheltering from killing to saving lives. Professor Bryant’s scholarship focuses on issues of theory in animal law. In Trauma, Law, and Advocacy for Animals, she draws on social science and medical literatures that document the traumatic effects of witnessing violence that society has not yet recognized. She applies that literature in the context of advocates for animals, arguing that some forms of legal activism that seem ineffective for helping animals actually increase public activism and understanding of animal suffering, thereby making other forms of legal change more likely.

Vicki SteinerVicki Steiner

Vicki Steiner is a reference librarian at the UCLA School of Law’s Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library. Since being admitted to the State Bar of California in 2003, she has represented animal protection organizations in cases involving shelter law, intellectual property law, and the First Amendment. More recently, Ms. Steiner’s work has focused on examining the use of social media in the animal rescue community and the benefits and dangers of such use.


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