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23 Jun

People become interested in animal law for a number of different reasons. When they study the field as a whole, however, they often see a pattern in the law. Current laws that affect all types of animals—companion animals, farmed animals, animals in entertainment, research animals, and wildlife–fail to acknowledge, let alone address, the types and severity of suffering human animals inflict on nonhuman animals. This awareness leads to questioning about the role of law, the limits of legal reform, and how to make individual choices in the wake of all this information. It also leads to new understanding of violence and the role of law in supporting it.

At its core, animal protection is about non-violence. So how does one live a life of non-violence in a society that has not yet legally or culturally defined violence to include tremendous suffering inflicted on nonhuman animals for the benefit of human animals? Our new feature can assist interested readers in locating resources that help identify ways to make non-violence to animals a part of our daily lives. Vegans consciously identify and eliminate the habits of daily life that are founded on violence, including the consumption of animal-based foods. In our new feature Vegans in Your Corner we will identify some news articles, websites, and recipes that can be of assistance to busy people seeking change.

Access the new page couldn’t be any easier–simply click on the link in the top right corner of our site and you’ll be taken there!

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