Introducing the UCLA PAW REVIEW!

18 May

Logo for the UCLA Paw ReviewThe UCLA Animal Law Program is pleased to announce its new regular feature, the UCLA Paw Review! The UCLA Paw Review is our take on the traditional legal publishing format of the law review.

Our version, however, will not only include regular posts on laws affecting animals, but will also include summaries of suggested reading materials, legislative alerts for proposed legislation that affects animals, interviews, and even fun content such as movie and book reviews (with, of course, a paw rating system). We hope you will enjoy it!

I dedicate this week’s reading suggestion to animal advocates everywhere who work so tirelessly to save and make better lives for animals. Because animal advocates aim to challenge the status quo, a world in which the exploitation and killing of animals is accepted legally and morally as “necessary,” the reality of the violence witnessed by advocates is often denied and dismissed as extremist exaggeration. For advocates, then, I highly recommend the article Trauma, Law, and Advocacy for Animals [PDF], which was written by our own UCLA Law Professor Taimie Bryant. The article discusses the trauma animal advocates experience from repeated exposure to legally sanctioned violence against animals and proposes legal reform initiatives that may counter-balance traumatizing forms of advocacy and build the social context for addressing violence against animals.

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